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Merry F*ckin’ Christmas [Winter Break ’20]

Christmas music is a unique genre. Your favorite pop artist may have released a holiday album but ultimately, it’s a hard season to make new songs that become classics (have to salute Mariah here though). So, a majority of the time, the tracklisting is re-makes of old classics. But, you know what takes something old and reinvents it? Hip-hop. So why not a holiday album, primarily surrounded by drops and breaks – that also stays in the Christmas spirit? I personally love the holidays. This EP is inspired by holiday feelings and good vibes. From start to finish, you should just be having a good time to this one. Stockings, trees, family, and fun. If you’re drinking egg nog with loved ones and dancing under the mistletoe, this one’s for you. Have fun and – of course, in the Christmas spirit, it’s free.

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