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“Top 5” – Mickylene Delgado

Introduction: I met Mickylene online in a fashion and style forum in 2015. Before everyone quit blogging for Instagram, the big site to post fashion outfits was Me and Jessica, my gf, would comb the site for dope styles, and when someone stuck out(a lot did), we’d reach out to ask them our Top 5 Questions about their life, creativity, and inspirations.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Mickylene and I am a fashion blogger residing in California.

2. What influences your style and overall creativity?

I’m easily influenced by other friendly bloggers, the ’90s, and fashion designers.

3. Would you say that your style defines who you are?

I believe style is a fun way to express individuality but there is way more to me than my clothing.3. Would you say that your style defines who you are?

4. At what age did you become interested in fashion and what got you interested in it?

At age seven when I fell in love with the Spice Girls ♥

5. Fresh Fuzion is about blending multiple styles and inspirations. What’s your Fuzion?

My current fuzion would be grunge and boho.

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